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Formula 1 and Other Motorsport Series

Group Founder: jakimc
Description: A group for fans of Formula 1 and other motorsport series... videos, pics and sounds to download... polls, predictions and chat... links to individual team sites and more... If your passion lies with another kind of motor racing feel free to start topics regarding it...
Group Type: Public join
Members: 55
Category: Sports & Fitness > Motorsports

Topics (15)

go Whos the greatest? (5) pawel37
im a big fan of schumacher (sorry ppl lol) but 4 me the greatest driver ever was ayrton senna. he was such a great driver. if he hadnt died then he would have won more championships 4 sure.

go Members groups (4) jakimc
A place 4 u 2 tell other members bout ur groups

go Favorite Race Car? (7) ripil
whats ya favourite race car? for a few details of mine look below :-)

go 2010 F1 Predictions (1) jakimc
i no i shdv started this topic ages ago n then locked it b4 this season started so my apologies 4 that... i'll leave it unlocked 4 as long as ppl r guessin! my prediction is Alonso/Ferrari... even tho...

go 2010 season (8) jakimc
even tho we're only half way thru the 2009 season i dont think its 2 early 2 start this topic! 3 new teams will hopefully b on the grid - campos, manor n usf1, bmw wont b there so does that make room ...

go General F1 chat (31) jakimc
General F1 chat

go F1 lookalikes (11) jakimc
Just a bit of fun - saw a pic o Barrichello 2day n realised how much he lks like Kelsey Grammar (Frasier) It got me thinkin which other drivers have a lookalike! Heres a few i thought of, can u think ...

go 2009 F1 Predictions (11) jakimc
Place ur prediction 4 the winnin driver/constructor of the 2009 season here e.g. Hamilton/Ferrari. I will lock this topic on 27th march 09 (day b4 1st quali) lets c if ne1 can get it spot on. Gd luck ...

go 2009 season (34) jakimc
Whos ur money on this yr? Best driver/constructor? Most improved team? Wot bout the new cars? Ne thin regardin 2009 here plz!

go 1 4 us girlies! F1 hotties! (3) jakimc
Who makes ya drool? Wd lv a fisichella/rosberg sandwich meself!!!

go F1 nicknames (1) jakimc
Well bcz its sooo long til 28th March (1st quali lol) i thought id start another little game 2 keep ya busy! Try n think of sum clever nicknames 4 the drivers/crew etc this is wot i got so far Mark (S...

go Feedback/Suggestions (0) jakimc
Ne feedback or suggestions 4 the group wd b gr8 inc whether links r broken, which files r gd/bad or wot u want more/less of etc. thnx x

go F1 requests (8) jakimc
Request pics of drivers, cars, tracks etc n i will upload em in ma group

go Book of rememberance (2) jakimc
Remember the drivers who r no longer with us here

go 2008 season (0) jakimc
Who d u think will win the drivers/constructors championship? Who d u WANT 2 win the drivers/constructors championship?


Photos (128)

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Files (41)

1 Renault
2 Ferrari
3 Ferrari
4 Senna helps Comas
5 Schumacher bumps Senna
6 Piquet/Salazar fight
7 Lewis & Heikki get the giggles
8 Eddie Irvine caught unawares
9 Gerhard Berger''s jumping car
10 F1 Car vs Jezza
11 Montoya/Raikkonen
12 Ferrari Vodafone
13 Waterfight
14 Hakkinen/Schumacher
15 F1 Car Backflip


Polls (5)

go Favourite track!
go Worst F1 fatal accident!
go Which was F1s best decade?
go Who should have been a champion?
go Who is the greatest driver?

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