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Subject: General F1 chat
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jakimc 4.09.08 - 05:25pm
General F1 chat *

jakimc 23.09.08 - 06:02pm
Spa '08 belongs 2 Lewis *

gennotz 30.11.08 - 12:21am
Whats the news or progress of the single engine rule *

gennotz 30.11.08 - 12:22am
Sorry that should have read the single engine builder rule *

jakimc 30.11.08 - 11:26am
Well if ne1 else can help out here id b gr8ful cz i admit i dont no much bout that kinda thing id rather sit back n enjoy the racing so hopefully ill learn sumthin 2! Do u mean the actual single engine rule or who will b buildin it? *

gennotz 30.11.08 - 12:24pm
Both really. I know ferrari are saying they will pull out of F1 if this rule is made and i agree its not in the interest of the sport *

jakimc 30.11.08 - 02:03pm
I think bmw r not 2 keen as well! I do no Ilmor engineerin have been tipped 2 get the contract shud the plan go ahead! Will b interestin 2 c how it all goes! *

gennotz 30.11.08 - 10:50pm
No wonder ferrari are annoyed then as ilmor build mclaren engines.

jakimc 2.12.08 - 12:03pm
Still tryin 2 find upd8s on the engine rule bt in the meantime wot dya think of the medal system that bernies tryin 2 implement? *

twonky 4.12.08 - 09:35pm
Wasnt bernie guna change rules by making the champion the driver with most wins ? *

jakimc 4.12.08 - 10:34pm
Ye he wants 2 award gold, silver n bronze 4 1st, 2nd n 3rd so driver with most golds wins, if same
it goes on the count bk system! No insentive 4 bk markin teams, daft idea i think! *

jakimc 4.12.08 - 10:50pm
Honda will release a statement 2moro as 2 whether they will b pullin outta f1 *

jakimc 5.12.08 - 11:00am
Engine upd8 - The FIA have confirmed that they r in talks with Cosworth regardin the single engine build! *

jakimc 5.12.08 - 06:31pm
Ok from wot i can gather these r the basics of the single engine rule (plz feel free 2 add or correct)

The teams have 3 options
1. Use the custom built 'badgeless' cosworth engine 2. Build their own engine usin the same specs as cosworth 3. Use their current engine bt with a ban on development. *

jakimc 6.12.08 - 12:36pm
Jenson b*tton has been offered a test with Toro Rosso hmm... *

oasisuk 7.12.08 - 11:38am
toro rosso is up for sale too, but hope b*tton gets the drive (maybe alongside senna?) *

jakimc 7.12.08 - 01:52pm
I heard Red Bull is buyin Bergers share! Hope Bourdais gets sum thin he seemed 2 get better thru 2008! Senna was gd in gp2 considerin his lack of experience so maybe a test role n another yr in the feeder series wd b gd 4 him! *

jakimc 9.12.08 - 01:20pm
A spokesperson 4 Williams F1 has confirmed they r comitted 2 stayin with F1! Glad bout that Williams n F1 jus belong 2gether! I hope they bcm more competetive I think Rosberg has a lot more 2 give! *

jakimc 12.12.08 - 10:06am
Vijay Mallya has announced that due 2 the fact theyll b workin closly with MM his decision on the 2009 driver line up will b affected by this! Other news, Seb Buemi, testin 4 Toro Rosso has topped the time sheets all wk, altho all cars r runnin diff specs @ the mo! *

twonky 13.12.08 - 06:47pm
Toro rosso named there driverz yet ? Doubt bourdais guna get a drive in new season.shame really he was strong at last half of 08 season *

jakimc 13.12.08 - 09:26pm
havent hrd ne thin yet n ye i thought bourdais really picked up in the last few races he had sum bad luck 2 bt un42n8ly sato wd bring the sponsorship money whereas bourdais wdnt will keep ya posted on wot i hear x *

jakimc 21.12.08 - 04:55pm
Prodrive chief Dave Richards is a step closer 2 purchasin honda he is currently in talks with the relevant ppl n has hinted he wd keep b*tton if everythin goes 2 plan *

jakimc 22.12.08 - 11:42am
More parties interested in buyin honda - Vijay Mallya (Force India) n a mexican billionaire - Carlos Slim (Telmex) *

twonky 22.12.08 - 08:02pm
Hope richards get the honda owtfit so we keep owr lad b*tton in *

jakimc 23.12.08 - 09:19am
ye ive always felt that r jens had more 2 give dont want him 2 end up as jus another also-ran bt it seems its goin that way *

ripil 31.12.08 - 11:15am
i'd like to see kubica as hamiltons team m8. hamilton would of won it easier with a team mate that helped out a bit lol.GIF *

jakimc 1.01.09 - 09:41am
even tho im a supporter of lewis n vmm i can c wot ppl say bout favoritism n i think kubica is 2 gd 2 play 2nd fiddle im sure he will b champ 1 day i think it was thnx 2 the stewards/bernie that it went rite down 2 the wire ne way lol *

jakimc 9.01.09 - 05:40pm
Dave Richards, owner of Prodrive has said he wont b biddin 4 Honda! *

oasisuk 9.01.09 - 07:23pm
Toro Rosso have confirmed that Switzerland's Sebastien Buemi will drive for the team in 2009. Buemi, who competed in GP2 last year, was Red Bull Racing's reserve driver in 2008 *

jakimc 1.04.09 - 05:06pm
has ne1 seen the article on sayin hamiltons movin 2 brawn with immediate effect pmpl.GIF i realised wot d8 it is b4 i totally believed it lol.GIF *

gennotz 1.04.09 - 10:59pm
Can anyone explain how the k.e.r.s system works? I understand how kenetic energy charges the battery but how does it transfer to 80hp of engine power *

jakimc 22.03.10 - 06:28pm
ok i've tidied up the group a little seeing as though the 2010 season is now under way... *sits n waits 4 replies 2 flood in* lol.GIF *

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