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Subject: 2009 season
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jakimc 23.11.08 - 10:02am
Whos ur money on this yr? Best driver/constructor? Most improved team? Wot bout the new cars? Ne thin regardin 2009 here plz! *

twonky 27.11.08 - 12:48pm
Any1 know who is partnerin b*tton,alonso next season ? And who the toro rosso drivers are ? *

jakimc 27.11.08 - 01:06pm
Piquet jr has signed a 1 yr contract 4 nxt yr! b*ttons not actually confirmed bt Bruno Senna n Di Grassi have tested 4 honda! Toro rosso have tested Sato n Buemi! N Force India have tested Liuzzi n De La Rosa! *

twonky 27.11.08 - 01:51pm
Interesting so force india mite have diff line up ? *

jakimc 27.11.08 - 02:42pm
Well with force india endin their engine contract with ferrari n signin up with mm lks like that mite have summat 2 do with de la rosa testin! Ill keep a lookout 4 final line ups *

twonky 27.11.08 - 06:41pm
There aint may left to anounce line up now is there ? Toyota kept driverz didnt they *

jakimc 27.11.08 - 10:47pm
Ye they did jus toro rosso, force india n honda left *

twonky 28.11.08 - 08:15am
Allways the back marking teams that annoucne their drivers last.i see martin brundle is still doin the commentating to *

jakimc 28.11.08 - 09:54am
Ye im glad bout that i like his grid walk! Dc n eddie jordan r on the team 2 with lee mckenzie, jonathon legard n jake humphries! *

jakimc 28.11.08 - 10:01am
Meant 2 ask ya - wot dya think of nxt yrs cars? I gotta say theyre growin on me! *

twonky 28.11.08 - 12:50pm
Lukin gud c how they go.heard murry walker got sumat to do f1 on bbc bt i think its sumat to do online ? *

jakimc 28.11.08 - 02:14pm
Ye heard that 2 gd ol murray did ya c him on the farewell itv video bless him lol *

twonky 29.11.08 - 08:20pm
Nah didnt c the video lol should put it in ur group *

jakimc 29.11.08 - 11:04pm
2 big un42n8ly will add a link 4 it tho *

gennotz 7.12.08 - 10:35am
Ok so looks like we have lost honda and maybe toyota? Im not on the net so will rely on this great forum for info *

jakimc 7.12.08 - 02:03pm
Read an article yday sayin toyota were confident they will stay in f1! gennotz if ya can get on the links in this group the f1-live is gd 4 latest upd8s hon *

jakimc 14.12.08 - 03:30pm
Vijay Mallya has announced Force India 2009 line up - Fisichella n Sutil! He's also said they r financially stable n expect 2 b mid field nxt yr! Excellent - bring it on! Only bout 100 days left 2 go lol *

senninha 21.01.09 - 09:55pm
My money's on Lewis to win it again :) *

jakimc 23.01.09 - 10:10am
early reports suggest that bourdais will shortly b confirmed as keepin his seat with toro rosso hurray.GIF hope thats true *

jakimc 8.02.09 - 12:58pm
yes its true bourdais has been confirmed as a driver 4 toro rosso 4 2009 *

jakimc 13.02.09 - 10:42pm
found a piece in the news that says the team known as honda has found enough backin 2 compete in the 1st 4 races of this season! the backin cms from the company behind the sponsorship of bruno senna n the drivers will b senna n b*tton! poor old rubens! *

jakimc 17.02.09 - 09:55am
ok so the above info cd b a rumour lol sum ppl confirmin other ppl denyin - heres another rumour - the l8est secret bidder 4 honda is virgin! we'll c! *

oasisuk 19.02.09 - 02:59am
Honda has said Richard Branson's Virgin Group is one of several potential buyers of its Formula One team.

The Japanese carmaker hopes a deal can be made in time for the start of the 2009 season in Australia on 29 March.

It is thought the team is up for sale for 1 - although any buyer would need to find a budget in the region of 40m to run the outfit for the new campaign.

We are negotiating with several buyers and one of these parties is the Virgin Group, a Honda spokesman stated.


jakimc 28.02.09 - 11:53am
has honda been saved? apparently a ross brawn-led management buy out has been approved bt not yet confirmed! sources said a livery-free car will b tested by b*tton @ silverstone on thurs n speculation is that rubens will keep his seat while senna will drive in DTM in 2009! altho im prepared 4 this 2 b just another rumour! *

deakin01 8.03.09 - 09:09am
Honda will be now the grid in Australia and most importantly the season due 2Ross Brawn buying it with the same drivers as last year good 2see. *

jakimc 8.03.09 - 09:39am
i agree - well done ross *

jakimc 14.03.09 - 06:51pm
hey guys i just read that the beeb has confirmed they r usin the chain as the theme tune hurray.GIF *

pawel37 24.03.09 - 03:58pm
i think if given a good car kubica or vettel got talent 2 go far. im a ferrari fan but kimi and massa arent the spark ferrari need. *

jakimc 24.03.09 - 05:41pm
i think ur rite - kubica n vettel r 1z 2 watch yes.GIF *

pawel37 24.03.09 - 11:31pm
1 of them will be at ferrari. my polish connections told me that kubica raced in italy a lot and ferrari made enquiries. and in paper 2day ecclestone mentioned vettel could be at a bigger team in near future. *

brownstn 26.03.09 - 11:30am
massa all the way. Im gonna tell you who will be second and third alter i watch the first 3 races. Constructor? I see Red! *

danigrl 20.04.09 - 01:11pm
This season is proving to be quite an interesting one not predictive like previous years thats for sure *

jakimc 29.07.09 - 02:09pm
BMW have announced they r pullin out of f1 @ the end of this season! they r the 2nd manufacturer 2 do so, after honda, so will toyota n renault follow? wots nxt 4 heidfeld n kubica? rosberg was lkin @ bmw 4 nxt yr so will he stay with williams or move elsewhere? *

oasisuk 19.10.09 - 02:23am
Great drive from b*tton, deserved the title. Very happy for Brawn too. *

jakimc 19.10.09 - 05:42pm
well said oasis, jenson deserves it n brawn were amazin 2 come from where they did! *

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