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Subject: Whos the greatest?
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pawel37 6.04.09 - 01:57am
im a big fan of schumacher (sorry ppl lol) but 4 me the greatest driver ever was ayrton senna. he was such a great driver. if he hadnt died then he would have won more championships 4 sure. *

danigrl 8.04.09 - 01:32pm
I agree Senna is the greatest driver of all time *

jakimc 18.04.09 - 08:50am
i'm a big senna fan 2 bt there has been many gr8 drivers 4 me - clark, stewart, lauda, prost, alonso - 2 many 2 list :) *

1scoman 5.06.09 - 12:02am
for me the greatest driver has gotta be schumy. i can undestand the argument for the likes of senna n prost etc but schumacher's awareness of what was going on in the race and the ability to put in stunning lap times when required has given him 7 world titles. *

warded 9.05.18 - 03:34am
Kimi R. *

adino8it 26.12.19 - 08:48pm
Mansell, as he, stepped up from touring car and went on to win indy series. *

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